SKITZOWORLDWIDE = Evolution of Self.

As time begins to close on the 2nd decade of this crazy Century, SKITZO has spent it's time in a place of deep analysis and introspection. With the brand beginning to break through & enter a new stage of enlightenment, we have begun a phase of re-examining the very building blocks of SKITZO in forensic detail; though our core philosophy never changes, change must be embraced in terms of utility, production and direction; we understand and welcome this. SKITZO was born from a place of believing in having no boundaries to your vision, meaning we are constantly recalibrating as we move forward into the coming decade and beyond. An undeniably momentous phase of change has begun and must be embraced. We have used these thoughts, and this moment in time, as a catalyst for our latest brand defining capsule–TREK: A Retrograde Series.

TREK was spawned from the “Déjà vu” feeling of retrograde–a sense of returning to a point in time that you’ve previously experienced before. It is a question of the totality of oneself, both current and past, both singular and collective. As human beings, there are two states of mind that we shift between constantly: The state of knowing, and that of discovery. When one has solidified an understanding of themselves through a state of discovery, they move into the state of knowing. However, one never dwells within a permanent state of knowing, we are constantly thrown questions that cause us to rethink who we are and what we know, shifting us back into a state of discovery. Trek is about the important journey of being within oneself, a journey that leads you down a path of understanding & illumination. Though time necessarily works linear, and we are forced to live in the present, we are always guided by our collective past which rears its head at every opportunity. Life is one big cycle. Ying and Yang. Light and dark. Water and Fire

This is all reflected in the very essence of each item in the capsule. For instance, the tones seen rippled throughout the Shibori Crop Top were created with a special bleach dye technique that creates a unique pattern on each garment. The shades of brown seen twisting within the fabric provide connotations & connections to the very Earth we live on–the Mother that birthed all known life. The tonality of the Purples was constructed to bring a sense of grandeur and wonder to round off a beautiful, eye-catching piece. When looking for inspiration for our garments, we delve deep into various aspects of worldwide culture, and use them to inspire our designs, from African fabrics, to Japanese cutting techniques. Even pre-SKITZO, our designs have always been Informed and inspired by East Asian culture, and it was this fascination that helped to birth our signature camo print for the TREK capsule. Although the pattern may look random, it was cultivated carefully using ISE KATAGAMI techniques to bring a distinctive twist to your typical camo print. This is also a metaphor for modern day life–it may seem like life is random, but life is anything but random. It is a collection of actions and outcomes, both of which are tightly coupled and connected. Every event had a catalyst before it, meaning what may seem random actually has a pattern behind it. We are all connected.

As SKITZOWORLDWIDE continues to mature and evolve, we aim to confidently write a visual language that embodies the very essence of the TREK capsule. We have a never-ending sense of wonder when it comes to garment design, one that leads us through the ever-evolving cycle of knowledge and discovery, the interconnected pillars of the signature SKITZO aesthetic.


Muli Simpasa

Aaron Walker

Zara Macdonald
Mark Kori

Creative Direction & Styling:
Jaren Groves
Olusola Akinyemi

Elliot Mckenzie